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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rutgers

Advanced Research

Our research is expansive across the field of electrical and computer engineering and actively supported by the major funding organizations. Broad areas of research include communications, networking and information processing; computing, software engineering, and solid state electronics; machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics; and smart health and bio-electrical engineering.

The department also features state-of-art facilities and equipment for advanced computing and experimentation.

Students actively participate in research alongside faculty members, with opportunities for undergraduates to co-author published research papers and contribute to exciting discoveries.

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Professor Mehdi Javanmard Develops a Handheld White Blood Cell Tracker

This device could enable rapid testing and improved triaging for infections and aid treatment for cancer or mental illness.

Male student working alongside male professor in lab.

Meet Mukund Ramakrishnan

Mukund is a Rutgers School of Engineering senior. Here, the electrical and computer engineering student shares thoughts on his Northrop Grumman internship and research opportunities within the School of Engineering. 


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